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June 28, 2016

Columbus Zoo Engagement | Nelson & Jessica

When Jessica asked if her and Nelson could do their engagement session at the zoo, I about fell off my chair. A zoo engagement has been on my session bucket list for about two years (ok, more like thirty years.)

They had a couple requests- the manatee exhibit and water’s edge. Other than that, they were kind enough to let me do my thing. Confession: I was super nervous before this one because I felt like I didn’t know what types of images I’d be able to create. 

I’m happy to say it all turned out better than I could have thought. Although my secret hope was that some of the zoo staff would see we were doing photos and be like “You know what would make them a million times better? If you came behind the scenes and played with some lion cubs.” 

Sadly that didn’t happen.

All in all though, a perfect zoo day and a lovely time with this couple! Nelson and Jessica, it was so great to spend some time with you and I can’t wait until your wedding next year!

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