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March 24, 2017

Batch Working | Personal

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I feel like in the past few months or so, I’ve been hearing a lot about batch working. I decided to give it a try!

This has been a process. In January, I started reading more about batch working and why it was so beneficial. Our brains can only handle so much cramming. Basically after 25 minutes, we become inefficient at the task we’re doing. So focusing on one task at a time, for a small period of time would help the quality of our work. Switching back and forth or cramming too many tasks into a day ends up not doing anyone any favors. *Disclaimer: I am certainly not any sort of doctor or neuroscientist- I just researched the subject and am sharing what I found 🙂

So when I decide to have an editing marathon or a design-new-marketing-marathon and am working on the same basic task for four or five hours, I’m not doing it as best I can. And that makes sense. I notice that when I do marathon working, the last half of whatever I’m working on suffers- it’s not near the same quality as the first half.

So in January, I built my daily schedule to only work on a task for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. For example, I would edit for 20 minutes, then I’d take a break by either doing housework or scrolling Instagram, or walking the dog. Something not work related that I had to leave my desk for. It worked to an extent. I was able to produce quality work, but it would take most of the day, if not multiple days, to finish something. I felt like my to-do list grew at an astronomical rate, and I felt like I constantly was getting nothing done.

In February, I made a change to devote certain days to each of my businesses (Along with wedding photography, I also own a branding and design business.) Monday and Wednesday was photography day, and Tuesday and Thursday was branding day, and then Friday was catch up day. In theory, this kind of schedule made sense- I mean, isn’t this what people with two jobs do? What I found was happening is that I was working on everything twice- editing, blogging, social media posts, etc. It was impossible to devote an entire day to just one business. What happened when I had a deadline for a logo design? What happened when a bride to be had a question or needed help with something? I noticed that if I had a wedding to edit, I would be doing this every day of the week- and then my design business was neglected. Or if I had to build a mood board or work on a client’s social media images, I would need to work on it for most of the week- and then the photography business was neglected.

So this month. This month, I did even more research into batch working. I knew so many people who were doing it, and they were rocking at it! When I looked into it further, the ones who were making it work for them and running two businesses (or sometimes more!) were very intentional about their schedules.

Instead of devoting entire days to one business or the other, they were grouping all of their tasks together. Similar tasks were being done across all businesses at one time. In the end, they said it saved time and made what they produced a higher quality.

Well, I’m happy to report that this method is making things so much easier! I write blog posts for the entire week for both businesses in one day. I take and edit photos for promotions and marketing for both businesses in one day. Every Friday, I plan and schedule the following week’s social media posts for both businesses. I take one day during the month to write out every weekly email newsletter for all three of my lists. Doing things this way has allowed me to work shorter hours each day, and not neglect either business. It’s actually not as hard as I thought it would be to switch gears through the day and work in each business. I’m able to take breaks, invest some time in education and developing skills, and who knows, maybe those other dozens of business plans swirling in my head will become a reality sooner than I thought!

Do you have questions about batch working? Comment below or email darling@alaynaparker.com to ask!

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