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March 20, 2017

Your Bridesmaids | Wedding Planning TIps

champagne colored bridesmaid dresses

Your look is all ready and put together, but what about your bridesmaids?

By all means, they need to feel beautiful and special on your wedding day too!

Thankfully, trends have changed so that it’s no longer a requirement for every girl to wear the same style, same color, and same look. Every body is different, and most styles won’t look good on everyone!

Some ideas to make sure your bridesmaids look and feel great:

  • Different styles | Give the girls a color and let them pick their own style. Be sure to specify the exact color since the color “pink” or “purple” can have a large variety of shades. A great idea would be to actually give them a swatch so that they can match the color.

  • Shades of color | I love the look of neutrals or blush pinks all together. You’d be surprised, but having different shades of dresses in the same hue looks gorgeous all together, especially in photos! You can go about this look in a couple different ways, either choosing one style of dress that is flattering on everyone, or choosing a couple different styles of dress along with different shades. You can get as specific or general as you feel is necessary. Maybe go with any shade of blush and any neckline, as long as the dress is chiffon fabric and is floor length. Or maybe go with any shade of blue, as long as it’s strapless and knee length.

  • Repeats | If your wedding style is not a black tie formality, consider choosing dresses that your bridesmaids can wear again. Something simple and shorter. Or something fun like a knee length sequined gown. A trend I’ve seen popping up lately are separates. A tulle skirt and dressy tee, or pleated maxi skirts with a lace top are gorgeous!


When it comes to hairstyles, please don’t make everyone wear their hair the same way. Face shapes and features differ just as much as body size and shape, so not everyone will like the same thing. If you want to insist that everyone wear a similar hairstyle, choose something with room for interpretation like “up” or “a braided touch” so that each girl can have a style she loves and looks great with.


The same applies, maybe even more so, to makeup. Let each girl choose and decide what to do for your day- within reason. If one of your friends always wears hot pink blush, you may want to reason with her to tone it down just for the day. Most bridesmaids don’t go too over the top when it comes to their makeup, and your girls will probably be that way too!


When it comes to accessories, there is a lot you can do with this! Most often, sticking to a general rule such as “only gold”, or “only silver”, or “no pearls” is sufficient enough. But there are also some really great gifting opportunities here! You can gift each girl a simple charm bracelet or bar necklace with their name or initial on it. You can get everyone some amazing statement earrings in her favorite jewel tones. The possibilities are endless!

Do you have any questions about your bridesmaids style? Comment below or email darling@alaynaparker.com to ask!

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