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March 13, 2017

Choosing the Right Accessories | Wedding Planning TIps

black bridal shoes, diamond bracelet, pearl earrings

Well, you’ve got the dress, now it’s time to pick out the accessories you’ll need to pull your whole look together!


If you want to wear a veil, keep in mind the style of gown you have. The veil shouldn’t be the center of attention, your dress should! So stick with something that complements it. If you’re set on a certain hairstyle, take this into account as well.

Types of veils from shortest to longest:

  • Birdcage | Great for short wedding dresses, or a vintage style dress.

  • Blusher | Covers the entire face and falls to the shoulders. Usually paired with a longer veil and is great for more conservative ceremonies.

  • Fly-Away | Falls just below the shoulders and is great for short dresses or vintage styles.

  • Elbow | Falls at elbow length. Flatters almost every dress style.

  • Fingertip | Falls at or below the fingertips. Great for elegant and classic dress styles.

  • Ballet | Typically right around knee length. Great for brides who want a long veil, but without the worry of it becoming a tripping hazard.

  • Chapel | Falls to the ground or a couple inches beyond the gown. Great for simple gowns to create a more dramatic look, or an all around romantic style.

  • Cathedral | Remember in The Sound of Music when Maria had a mile long train? If you’re wanting a very dramatic veil with your gown, this one is it. The cathedral veil falls well beyond the dress and is just like another train.

Most veils will have a comb style attachment, but a couple others to consider are the Juliet Cap, and the Mantilla.


I personally think that the style of shoe you wear shouldn’t be so much about what goes with your dress, but more about what is going to be comfortable for you. The last thing you want is to trip or stumble down the aisle. And you’d be surprised how much walking you’ll do just for your photos alone!


This is another one those things that will completely up to your personal style. Of course, keep in mind the style of your dress. If you have a beaded bodice, a statement necklace might not be as suited for you as no necklace or a dainty one.

The same basic principal applies to earrings. Statement earrings may be lost if your hair will be down, and studs or simpler earrings will add a nice touch.

Do you have any questions about finding your wedding day accessories? Comment below or email darling@alaynaparker.com to ask!

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