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Wedding Planning

June 19, 2017

Your Summer Wedding Menu- Wedding Planning Tips


When it comes to your wedding day menu, try to avoid serving things that are heavy or make people feel full. It’s a great time to focus on fresh ingredients and lighter items!

Here are some ideas:

  • Lemonade or iced tea bars. Have different flavors for guests to choose from.
  • Try cold appetizers instead of hot ones during cocktail hour. Maybe mini cups of Caesar salad, fresh exotic fruits, organic fruity popsicles, tomato mozzarella salad, or shrimp cocktail.
  • Try lighter entrees like chicken or fish. Talk to your caterer about options for Grilled dishes. You could even take more adventurous routes like tilapia with mango salsa, coconut chicken, or fish tacos.
  • Instead of serving cake, think in summer terms! You could have an ice cream truck (did you know Jeni’s has one to rent?!), sno cone station, or gelato. If you still love the idea of cutting the cake, consider just having a small one for the two of you. Or serve something like lemon cake, or strawberry shortcake.

Do you have any questions about your summer wedding? Comment below or email hello@alaynaparker.com!

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