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Wedding Planning

July 31, 2017

Choosing the Right Photography Package- Wedding Planning Tips


We’re only four short months from the start of engagement season! Maybe you’re expecting to get some shiny new bling before the end of the year, or maybe you’ve already got that diamond on your finger and you’re realizing it’s about time to get started on those wedding plans.

First things first. You need a date and a venue. Once those are booked, the next thing to nail down is typically a photographer. Decide what kind of style you want for your photos- whether it’s a light and airy look, dark and moody, vibrant, classic. Also think about whether you want someone who edits a lot in black and white, someone who using traditional posing styles, or someone who is more about documenting the day as it unfolds. Remember to choose a photographer based on their shooting and editing style, and the good vibes you get when you meet them in person. After all, you’ll be spending the ENTIRE day with them! Remember that these photos last a lifetime and will be passed onto future generations, so don’t choose a photographer just because they’re cheap.

And if you’ve stumbled onto my little blog post looking for a wedding photographer, I’ll give you a glimpse into my business!

I’m a seeker of great light. Meaning I tend to fall somewhere between light and airy and vibrant. The quality of the light will always take priority in every image. I tend to be more of a documentary and lifestyle photographer. I’ll capture the real life situation, but I’m not afraid to jump in and take a bit of control to help the situation look like it’s best version. I’ll tell you where to look, how to place your hands, clear a background in a room, etc. I love romantic portraits and images full of joy and laughter.

I offer two packages. Why only two?! My goal is simplicity. There are a million and one decisions you have to make when planning a wedding, and choosing your photographer’s package should be a simple and easy decision. The only choice you have to make is whether you want a handcrafted leather album or not.

Both packages include the following:

  • Photographic coverage for up to 12 hours on the wedding day
  • Two photographers all day
  • Complimentary engagement session and the digital images
  • Professional editing of all engagement and wedding day images
  • An easy to use, easy to share, online gallery where you can download the high resolution images
  • A keepsake USB with all of your final images
  • A 75 page Bridal Guide magazine full of helpful planning advice for every step of your wedding planning journey
  • No extra travel fees for any wedding location within the state of Ohio

See more package details and pricing information here and email hello@alaynaparker.com to see if your wedding date is available!

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