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August 8, 2017

Making Your Site Personal- Photography Business Education

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Of course you know it’s important to have a website, but it’s also important to make your site personal. Here are some ways you can do that!

  • Headshots. Have a professional headshot session done. Notice I said professional. Don’t just settle for your tripod and a remote. Or having just anyone take a few photos of you. This is your BUSINESS we’re talking about. Making a great impression on your website is vital. If potential clients see the work you produce is amazing, but the photos of you are mediocre at best, they’re going wonder what happened. If the images don’t line up with what you’re promoting, they may close the tab and move on.
  • Don’t just use one photo. Since you took the time and effort to get professional photos done, don’t just throw a single photo up and call it a day. Sprinkle them throughout your site. You want people to get to know the real you- and that happens through more than just one photo.
  • Put some elbow grease into your about page. Saying the same things as everyone else does just that. Make you sound like everyone else. Think about what makes you stand out in a sea of hundreds of other photographers. Talk about your quirks, why you do what you do, and how you can help them.
  • Add special touches. Talk about your top 10 favorite things. Talk about your family. Incorporate personal photos like vacations, your home, the city you live in, etc.
  • Have a page that highlights your absolute favorite image you’ve created and tell the story of it.
  • You should definitely already have a blog, but try posting once in awhile about something personal. You don’t have to do this every week if you don’t want to, but at least once a month. And don’t feel like you have to pour your heart out. A good rule is not to tell you audience anything you wouldn’t tell a stranger.
  • Adding your branding to your site is super important! Of course your logo, but also add your fonts, and specific color properties. Also keep in mind your branding style. Whether that’s minimal, romantic, coastal, etc.

Do you need some direction in your photography business? Email hello@alaynaparker.com for mentoring information!

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