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Wedding Planning

August 7, 2017

Why an Engagement Session is Vital For Your Wedding Day- Wedding Planning Tips

engagement session at franklin park conservatory

Most often the very first experience you’ll have with portraits relating to your wedding day is the engagement session! Here’s why it’s important to me to make sure this has a part in your wedding planning journey.

I include a complimentary engagement session with all of my wedding bookings. It’s much more than just so you can have some nice images together.

Being able to work with you before the wedding day is crucial in my book! I want to know if you guys are camera shy, camera aware, uncomfortable in front of a camera. I want to know what poses you naturally fall into, what poses make you look tense or rigid. I want to know what things I can say or do to get you to loosen up and be the most romantic version of yourselves, or what things can get you to be the funnest versions.

THESE ARE NOT THINGS I WANT TO LEARN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY!!!! Sometimes things go a little off track and we end up not getting as much time as we planned for portraits. What happens if the timeline gets away from us and we only have 10 minutes to capture portraits of you and your new husband? What if the first three minutes were spent trying to get you two in a pose that looked romantic? What if none of those poses were working? That means we’re down to seven minutes of portrait time. What if I ask your husband to twirl you and then dip you, but he’s nervous about the thought of dropping you, but he does it anyway because he’s trying to be a good sport with photos on the wedding day. We’ve just lost two more minutes, and his face looks like he’s a nervous wreck the whole time- a.k.a unusable images. So now we have FIVE minutes to get a lifetime of memories that your children and grandchildren will look at. Memories that you’ll hang on your walls until you’re old and gray.

Now, if I have 10 minutes to give you a lifetime of memories (and believe me, I’ve ran into this many many times), if we’ve already had our engagement session together, I’ll know exactly how to place you, what to say, how to get you to interact naturally, and what will allow you to be your best selves.

Do you have any questions about the engagement session? Comment below or email hello@alaynaparker.com!

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