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September 22, 2017

Keeping it Balanced- Personal

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I’ve always had a hard time keeping my life balanced. I’m pretty much an “all or nothing” person. And I really don’t mean to be that way! It’s just a flaw in my personality that I’ve dealt with my whole life.

I’ve always been good at prioritizing. I know what things are absolutely necessary to get done and focus on and what things can wait. And since I my to-do list is always longer than the hours I have in a day, that’s a pretty good quality to have.

But balancing it all. That’s something I struggle with. If I can’t get the navy blue lace dress I saw at the store, than I don’t want any dress at all. If the beer I really wanted to buy in a 6 pack is out of stock, then I’ll leave the store without getting anything. If I decide I’m going to switch from Android based products to Apple based, I’ll buy an iPhone, iPad, Apple watch and MacBook within the next three months.

This flaw of mine is actually a good thing in my business. I don’t believe in giving people mediocre photos. It’s all or nothing. You get my absolute best, or you might as well not have hired me at all. You get an amazing experience, you get spoiled, you get practical help, and you get my heart and soul in those images.

All or nothing. Go big or go home. My way or the highway.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s a problem. It’s often perceived as “high maintenance” or “difficult to please” or “spoiled.” And that’s really not it at all. I spend time doing research or searching for that exact lace dress, that perfectly brewed beer, or the durability and quality of Apple products. I know what I want and I know the reasons I want it. And I won’t settle for something less than that.

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