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September 8, 2017

What Do You Want for Breakfast- Personal

plate of waffles with butter and blackberries

It’s National Waffle Day. And at the risk of sounding like Leslie Knope, I love waffles.

Almost every morning growing up, my mom would make the most amazing Belgian waffles for me and my sister. Sometimes I’d just have butter and syrup. Other times I’d have peanut butter and syrup (don’t knock it til you try it), or vanilla yogurt and bananas, butter and peaches and cinnamon, fried apples and pecans. As I grew up, my waffle topping choices expanded. Things like homemade berry syrup, chocolate chips (in the batter or on top!), and of course, a mountain of whipped cream like Ms. Knope likes it.

And because I have the best mom in the world, every time I visit home, I get a big stack of Belgian waffles with all the fixins 🙂

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