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Wedding Planning

October 23, 2017

How to Pack for Your Honeymoon- Wedding Planning Tips

toms wedding shoes

Over the last year or so, I’ve really been putting a more concentrated effort into packing light for vacations and weekend getaways. I realized that I never even wear half the clothes I pack!

So what’s the key to packing light?

Deciding on a color palette.

For example, when I was packing for our North Carolina trip last month, I decided on a color palette of navy, fuschia, and olive green. So every article of clothing I packed was one of those colors (with the exception of jeans and the charcoal tee I wore traveling.) That way, no matter which combo of tops and bottoms I chose to wear, it would match. The idea is that everything you pack matches everything else you pack. That not only makes it easy to put together outfits, but it gives you a ton of variety!

As far as shoes go, you’ll want comfy/walking shoes (perfect to travel in!), and then depending on your activities, choose a pair of dressy shoes and casual ones. Again, choosing pairs that will match everything you pack.

When it comes to accessories, keeping it simple is best. You can never go wrong with stud earrings! You can also choose a fancy pair if you’ll need them and a trendy pair. Pick out one statement necklace and one everyday piece.

Add in your undergarments, and you’re good to go! You’d be surprised how light you actually can pack, and you might even be able to resort to just a carryon!

Do you have any questions about planning your honeymoon? Comment below or email hello@alaynaparker.com!

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