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November 7, 2017

Copywriting Basics- Photography Business Education

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We’re not all naturally good at writing. But not all of us have the budget to hire a copywriter to fancify the  words on our website. So how you can you take your writing up a notch until you’re ready for more help? Follow these tips!

  • Write for your clients, not for you. Who are you trying to attract here? Potential clients, or your peers? The photography industry has it’s own lingo. The average person doesn’t know what an F-stop is, bokeh, or why the heck you’re excited about owning a 50mm 1.2. So don’t bore the hopeful clients with things they don’t understand or don’t care about. Instead, write in a style they can connect to and about topics they care about. Think about what they need to know, want to know, and what they’re searching for.
  • Take the time to “get” them. Figure out who your ideal client is. Their likes and dislikes. Their hobbies, how they spend their free time, where they shop. Do the research on who they are and write for that person. Speak to their motivations. Find those magic words and phrases that will get them to book.

Working hard, or hardly working? Ready to take your photography business to the next level? Email hello@alaynaparker.com for mentoring information!

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