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November 14, 2017

Marketing and Promotional Wording- Photography Business Education

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When it comes to marketing and promotional wording, it can be hard to get your ego in check. You want to seem busy. You want to seem in high demand. You want people to have to have you as their photographer right here and now.

But the last thing you want to do is make something sound too good to be true.

Because you will have a heck of a time delivering on that.

Don’t make promises in your marketing that you aren’t absolutely positive you can keep. And don’t have the attitude that you’ll figure it out later. Making claims in your marketing and then not being able to follow through will send your reputation straight for the dumps.

Be authentic and real in how you market. State exactly what you will provide and exactly what you know you can provide. The only reason you should ever not hold to marketing promises is when you’re going above and beyond and offering more than you said you would.

Let’s stop claiming we can do it all and be it all. Focus on what you’re good at and rock the crap out of it!

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