Alexis Healy Studios- Columbus Wedding Cinematography

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Alexis Healy Studios is a small business out of Columbus, OH focused on bringing the wedding day to life through film.

With backgrounds in film, broadcast television and stage production, she loves getting to create a documentary style video for each unique couple.  Over the last four years, her business has grown quite a bit with her name going around Columbus.  She started out by simply capturing a close friend’s wedding, and has been getting more clients ever since.

Cinematography and storytelling is her passion and she loves to inspire others through her short films.  It is so much more than just taking a picture of a bride and groom, it’s capturing all the romantic, candid moments in between.  …The anticipation and rush of nerves while getting ready, the first look reactions, the parents emotional encounters, the handwritten vows, the wild car rides on the way to the reception, and tears streaming as a couple shares their first dance married.

All these moments play out in each emotional wedding film… A memory to last forever.

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