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January 3, 2018

Columbus Engagement Session- Cameron and Abigail

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I had such a great time with Cameron and Abi this past weekend! But this session almost didn’t happen!

Cameron was in town for the weekend from school, so we wanted to make sure to get their engagement photos done while we had the chance. It ended up snowing Friday and I was so happy we would get some gorgeous snow photos! But the cold temperatures were brutal!

We decided we’d move the shoot indoors, and settled on the main library downtown for an amazing background. I arrived early to get situated, and when I went to pull into the parking garage, the gate was down! I just sat there for a minute not being able to process what was happening. It was 11:00 am, so they should be open. Google says they’re open. This just isn’t adding up! I called, and sure enough, they’re closed all weekend for New Years.

Now what???

I call Abi and we decided to meet at a coffee place in German Village. I honestly did not have high hopes because it’s a hipster craft coffee shop on a Saturday morning. I was not anticipating a quiet, private corner we could snag. I was right. It was full of people. After brainstorming a bit and making a couple phone calls, we headed over to the Grange Audubon Center. They building is open to the public when there are no events going on, and we sure lucked out! It was a beautiful space, all to ourselves, and a perfect snow covered tree outside!

Cameron and Abi, thank you SO MUCH for being so flexible!! It was wonderful to get to know the two of you a little better and I absolutely can’t wait for your summer wedding!

couple inside grange audubon center couple laughing at each other couple looking at each other inside grange audubon center engagement ring in snow couple having engagement photos inside grange audubon center couple touching foreheads together couple smiling at camera couple outside under snow covered tree

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