Do You Need a Rebrand or a Refresh?- Photography Business Education

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Are you feeling like you need a new look for your business? You have two options: a rebrand or a refresh. What’s the difference?

A rebrand is a total overhaul. It’s a new color palette, new fonts, new primary and alternate logos, a new watermark, and it might even involve a name change. Along with that, you’ll most likely want a new website layout and style and new marketing materials.

A refresh doesn’t involve as much as the rebrand. It might just be an update on your color palette or a new primary logo design. It could be just a redesign of your website.

Do a refresh of your brand if you feel like it’s gotten stale or it’s not quite where you want it to be. Do a rebrand if you’re changing your business name entirely or you consistently are not booking the clients you want to be working with.

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