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January 19, 2018

Have Camera, Will Travel- Personal

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Something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now is travel for photography.

I talk about destination weddings quite a bit on the blog. I have an advantage to knowing the ins and outs of destination weddings because I had one myself. I know the challenges, the benefits, and where it counts to spend a little more.

I brought my photographer with me from Ohio to the Outer Banks. And I’d do it again. It was worth every bit. Having someone there that I knew from home was so comforting. It was more than just seeing her work online and reaching out to her. I actually knew her. I knew other couples who had their wedding photographed by her. I knew the images on her website were what I would get from my own wedding.

I don’t say these things because I’m a photographer myself. When I got married, being a wedding photographer wasn’t even on my radar. So I speak from the same place as you: a newly engaged girl who’s excited to plan her wedding!

So this year, I want to travel more as a destination wedding photographer.

But it’s a hard market to get into. Everyone wants to do destination weddings. And every city already has amazing photographers who live there and wouldn’t have to travel.

So I’m putting it out there! If you live outside of the state of Ohio, or you have friends who live outside Ohio, tell them you know a great wedding photographer!! I’m always immensely grateful for everyone who refers me to their friends!

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