April Showers!- Wedding Planning Tips

close up of bride and bridesmaids after raining

You’ve planned for months and months and months. You know every detail intimately. From how the napkins will be folded, to how many inches are in between each of the chairs for the ceremony, to every song the DJ will play and the order in which they’ll be played.


But then your perfectly perfect day is threatened with rain.


Fortunately, you have a backup plan.





Rain on your wedding day doesn’t have to be the end of the world. In fact, rain on your wedding day can be a beautiful memory. And make some beautiful photos as well!


So how do you make a rain plan?


Well, if you have a wedding planner or coordinator, they should be able to do that for you! And when it comes to your portraits, you and your photographer should come up with a plan for a few location options.


What does your backup plan need to include?

  • An indoor location. If you planned your ceremony to be outdoors, it’s vital that you have an alternate plan. Most venues have an indoor space too. And most of them are still gorgeous!
  • Tents. If you can’t imagine not getting married outdoors, consider having a tented reception. In a pinch, you can rearrange the tables and chairs to make space for an altar.
  • Portraits. Be open to having portraits inside your venue, in a public spot like a library, museum, conservatory, etc. And just be aware that some indoor locations may charge a fee- so it’s not a bad idea to find that out ahead of time. If it’s only raining lightly, you may be able to use an overhang or awning and still have that outdoor look!
  • Cocktail hour. Many venues allow guests to enjoy cocktails on a patio or outdoors. Because of this, there might be fewer table or chairs, or there may not even be enough room for everyone inside! Make sure to talk about this with the venue and ask what they do if there’s rain on the wedding day.
  • Most receptions take place inside, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that! But you may want to consider having some extra umbrellas available so guest’s aren’t drenched going to their cars!


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