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Take a peek into the accessories and styling items I use!


Now that you’ve got all that shiny new gear, it’s time to get something to carry it around in! Aka, the fun part 🙂

There are tons of great bag companies out there. And if you’re on a budget, there are good options on Amazon! I prefer bags that don’t look like camera bags. Stylish, leather, and something along the lines of a tote. My favorite companies (for now!) are Kelly Moore, Ona, and Kamrette.

There are just as many styles of bags that you can choose from: Totes, backpacks, rolling cases, briefcases, and a huge variety of sizes too!

Camera Security

I’ve used camera neck straps in the past, and I do still have a scarf strap, but I actually only use a wrist strap now! After having a camera dangle on my neck for hours on end, it really messes with me, so I found an inexpensive wrist strap on Amazon. At first, it was hard to get used to! I kept feeling like I would drop my camera! But it didn’t take more than a wedding or two to get used to it, and now I couldn’t imagine going back to a neck strap.


Something that I’ve been working on more lately is having a styling kit with me on wedding days. I’ve found that only about half the weddings I shoot will have perfect backdrops and elements for wedding day detail photos. Most of the time, it seems like there’s just always something lacking.

You can go as elaborate or simple as you want with this! A nice acrylic hanger is in my bag in case the bride doesn’t have a special hanger for her dress. I also have an assortment of colored silk ribbon, vintage stamps, a ring box, a ring dish, and pieces of lace and tulle. I also bring one or two styling boards with me- I have linen ones and plaster ones. Of course, if there are fun elements to use on location, I will always choose those first! But it’s never a bad idea to be prepared!


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