Summer Honeymooning!- Wedding Planning Tips

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If you’re going to be taking your honeymoon right after the wedding, you may run into some snags. Things like overpriced flights, crowded tourist destinations, and summer breaks for kids might make you want to turn around and just stay home.


Here are some tips for taking a relaxing honeymoon, even amidst the summer crowd:


  • Consider adults only spots.
  • Or look into all-inclusive resorts.
  • Buy your plane tickets on a Tuesday- they’re usually cheaper. And consider flying during a weekday instead of a weekend.
  • Look for “hidden” locations. Obviously places like Myrtle Beach, Orlando, and Disneyworld are going to be packed. Think outside the box and stay in smaller towns that may be close to popular destinations.
  • Download travel apps. They’ll often tell you things to do that you might not have found on your own. They can also tell you about great local spots!

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