My Top 6 Regrets Part Two- Personal

Last week, I talked about some of my regrets in life. This week, I’m telling you about a few more!


Losing spiritual focus.

I was raised with a good spiritual routine. And I honestly never really stopped that routine. But not long ago, I lost my focus. I started making other things a priority. I’m ashamed to say that this loss went on for a few years. Like everything else, you come out the other side and realize how much you lost along the way. The years I could have spent building a better relationship with God, serving him better, and feeling better about the person I was. While it’s never too late to correct an unwise course, I wish I would have done it sooner rather than later. But thankfully, I have the right focus again!


Not starting my business the right way.

Talking with lots of photographers, I’ve learned that there’s not necessarily a right way or wrong way to start a business. There’s definitely some ways that are harder and more challenging than others, but eventually, we all get to where we want to be. I for sure did things the hard way. Even though I started pursuing my business dreams in 2010, it wasn’t until two years ago that I invested in my education and I wish I would have done that at the beginning. It made such a huge difference in every aspect of my business, and maybe if I would’ve done that in year one or two, I’d be closer to my end goals at this point. Maybe I would have gotten my style of editing and composition nailed earlier. Maybe my client experience and workflow would have been better. Maybe I’d be hitting my booking goals instead of slowly progressing toward them each year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so thankful for the growth and for the education I received last year and this year. And now I make sure to set room in my budget for business education every year!


Neglecting my health.

I don’t anyone can know what sort of illnesses they’re going to face. I certainly didn’t. And even if I took the best care of myself that I possibly could have, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have still gotten diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. But looking back, I wish I would have paid more attention to what I was doing. I wish I would have developed a better relationship with food. It wasn’t a healthy one, it was harmful. It caused more damage than good, and I wish I could have seen what I was setting myself up for in the long run. I wish I would have forced myself to be physically active. Actually, this goes hand in hand with the food thing. If I could have had a better view of food, I would have had the energy to be active. In my life now, I wish I was the type who enjoyed exercise and sweating and working out, and maybe if I started that lifestyle earlier, I’d still be maintaining it now. Even through all of that, my illness was still caught early, so I’m grateful that now I’m taking care of myself!


We all have regrets in life. Some minor, some major. But we all have the power to change our course. Just because we’re headed down one path doesn’t mean we can’t change direction!

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