Sometimes Less is More- Photography Business Education

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When it comes to client information, sometimes less is more. How so?

You’ve heard the phrase “Under-promise, over-deliver.” When you’re building your client experience, you’re probably building in things like surprise gifts, handwritten notes, delivery times, etc. But you might not want to be entirely forthright in informing your client what to expect.

For instance, say you send a welcome gift when your client books a session or wedding with you. Maybe you tell them they’ll receive a What to Wear guide or a Bridal guide. Maybe you also include a small gift like a hand poured candle or a custom ring dish with their new last name on it. To keep them surprised, don’t tell them about the little extra gifts.

Similarly, you might guarantee delivery of images in six weeks, but your workflow allows you to deliver in four. Still promise your client six weeks, and they’ll be so happy when they get them early!

This way you’re still keeping your client informed of everything they can expect, but also being able to surprise them along the way!

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