Great Locations That Aren’t the Beach!- Wedding Planning Tips

I feel like most people automatically think of the beach when they think about where to go for their honeymoon. Hey, I got MARRIED on the beach, so I know how great it is!!

But there are so many other amazing places you can go if you want something a little unordinary! Here are some great places to check out!

  • Tropical. If you just can’t think about leaving the beach behind, go a little further and book a tropical honeymoon spot! Places like Cancun, Hawaii, Bondi Beach Australia, or Santorini Greece.
  • Mountains. Maybe skiing or cool crisp mountain air sounds good to you! Think Maroon Lake Colorado, the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming, Mount Rainier in Washington, or the Matterhorn in Switzerland.
  • Foresty. Camping, cabinning, or just love being surrounded by trees? Check out the Redwood national forest in California, the Smoky Mountains, the various national parks and forests in Washington or Oregon, or the vast forests in South America.
  • City. If you like the hustle and bustle of the city, pick a great city that gives you plenty of entertainment and things to do! Places like New York City, Miami, Chicago, London, or Paris.

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