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Spending For Your Clients- Your Photography Business

  There’s a huge advantage for spending money on gifts your clients. You’ll make a great and lasting impression, feel like a good person, and spread a little happiness! But how much money should you set aside for gifts? A general rule of thumb is no more than 3% of your total package price. Everyone […]

June 20, 2017

Photography Business

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Spoiling Your Clients- Your Photography Business

  You already know that spoiling your clients is a huge part of giving them an amazing experience, but how can you do that? Here a few ways to show them they’re more than just a “transaction” in your business: Send a handwritten thank you note. You could do this after they book with you, […]

June 15, 2017

Photography Business

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Why You Need a Client Experience- Your Photography Business

I almost feel like this blog post is a waste of my time. OF COURSE you already know you need a client experience! Mostly because you know how it feels to receive a bad one. But just to help you see all the reasons why an experience is good to build, here are my tops […]

June 6, 2017

Photography Business

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Creating Your Unique Workflow- Your Photography Business

Running a business is no easy thing. Not only are you responsible for EVERYTHING that has to do with your business, but if you have more than one client, you could quickly fall down a sad hole of neglection. So how do you stay out of that hole? Create a workflow to ensure every client […]

June 1, 2017

Photography Business

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