Building a Capsule Wardrobe- Personal

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I really am a simple girl. Plain Jane and ordinary. And (I’ll admit) not very trendy.

So when I heard about the concept of a Capsule Wardrobe, I was super intrigued.


The idea is that everything in your closet should match everything else. The key is having few quality pieces that are timeless and won’t go out of style, and incorporating a few trendy pieces each season. Of course, I think everyone who builds a capsule wardrobe puts their own spin on it.


Whenever I’m shopping for something new (whether that’s shirts, skirts, or dresses), each piece has to fit into a certain criteria. The item has to be able to be worn with three of the following: black, white, gray, navy, olive green, and blush. But since most colors can be paired with at least three of those, I have other standards too.

If it’s printed, it has to contain at least two of those neutral colors. I’m honestly not a huge fan of prints- I tend to stick to stripes and florals. I think I have one or two shirts that are animal print, but even then, it’s black and white zebra (aka stripes) and a small cheetah print.


As far as pants, I’m definitely basic: jeans, olive, and black. Hoping to branch out into a burgundy color here soon 🙂


Shoes are an easy thing for me to shop for. It’s literally nude, black, or navy. My mom and sister are the shoe hoarders in the family, and even my husband has more pairs than I do. I’ve also learned that spending more on quality shoes is worth every penny!


With accessories, I stick with simple and basic styles, and a few statement pieces. Things like stud earrings, hoops, and a few larger fancy pairs. I’m not a big necklace person, so I have some dainty ones, a few simple chokers, and a handful of long simple ones. I also have some simple bracelets for summertime, and a handful of neutral scarves for fall and winter.


As far as bags go, I have a weekender, a backpack, a large tote bag, and one wallet. I prefer small crossbody bags, so I have three of those to keep a little variety in my life!


This whole lifestyle change has definitely made shopping a better experience! As I mentioned, I’m not really a trendy person, so even those purchases are still pretty basic. Even though I might spend more on quality pieces, those pieces have lasted much much longer than the cheap options. It’s also made packing for weekend trips and long vacations super easy! I’m able to stick to a color palette and know that I’ll be able to mix and match everything in my suitcase!


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