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Hiring the right photographer for your headshots is a big decision to make! You don’t want just anyone to be responsible for the face of your business. You want someone who you can trust to bring out the best you!


  • Invest in a photographer with a good reputation. Someone who knows how to pose and angle the shots in a flattering way. Take a look at their website and social media. You’ll get a good idea of the way they pose. And be sure that their shooting and editing style matches the work you create!
  • You may want to book them for a few hours to get lots of variety in your images! You could spend a half day, wear multiple outfits, and go to a few locations. With that much time, you would have more than enough images for your website, and social media accounts. You might even get enough to last an entire year with social media posts!
  • Let them know right from your first interaction what the session is for. Explain to them your purpose for the images. Don’t take advantage of their time and effort just because you’re in the same industry.


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