Trusting Your Photographer!- Wedding Planning Tips

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When it comes to rain on your wedding day, it’s not something brides usually want. And sometimes that frustration turns into distrust. There’s a reason you hired the photographer you did. Most likely it’s because you love their work, you vibe with them, and you trust them to give you some amazing images.


I’ve seen it many times: the bride is watching the weather forecast for days and days before her wedding day. She’s touched base with her wedding planner, her venue, and her bridal party, and has backup plans in place. Deep down, she knows that there’s a huge chance they could call for rain and not a single drop falls- it happens all the time.

Except this time. She wakes up to gloomy skies and threatening clouds. Her heart sinks and she’s instantly on edge. The morning is spent confirming the backup plans, figuring out how to get from the hotel to the church to the reception without ruining her dress, rethinking her hairstyle because she doesn’t want the rain to frizz it up, trying to calm her mother who is frantic about the weather, and worrying that everything is going to looked cramped or wet and just all around ugly, now that it’s all been changed.

And then, then, your photographer shows up and tells you that because of the weather, the family photos, bridal party photos, and newlywed photos can’t be at the breathtaking perfect location you wanted because there’s no cover from the rain. She’s suggested a different location that’s inside, and has a large covered area around the back.


That’s it. That’s the last straw. It’s the straw that broke the camel’s back and you are the bride and this is your day and all of your plans have been ruined and changed and you will not compromise on your portrait location.


Every wedding photographer completely and fully understands. Really we do. We don’t want rain on your wedding day either! It makes our job a little bit harder and a lot more challenging. We want your day to be perfect too, and it’s up to us to portray it that way through your images.




When your photographer suggests an alternate location, please trust that they only have your best interests at heart. We look for good light- that’s the number one concern. Even lighting on the subject, and even lighting in the background. What the background looks like is actually only second or third on the priority list.

Remember that you chose your photographer for a reason! Trust their judgement when they choose a location that is less than ideal, or something that doesn’t look very pretty to the naked eye. You’ll be happy with the results and will be so glad you didn’t put up a fight!


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