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white roses close up

May is anniversary month in my family. My parents, grandparents, and aunt and uncle all got married in May. Hence why I knew, no matter what, I would NOT be getting married in May 🙂

So every year during that month, my mom has family dinner, and we all take our annual family photos. It’s not glamorous by any means. It’s me setting up the tripod in the backyard, pointing my remote at the camera to make sure it works, getting Speedy to sit and look at the camera, and everyone cracking up because nothing is going right. As usual.

But these are photos I treasure forever. Even if they’re not creative, or have the perfect light, or I don’t like the way I look in them. They’re of my family, and that means everything to me!

Enjoy some of the chaos!

My parents!

Adjusting Speedy’s bowtie.

We actually got a good photo!

This was me checking to make sure my remote still worked. Sigh.

This series just cracks me up. My dogchild is so difficult sometimes. He doesn’t get it from me…

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