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It’s been about a year since I started exploring the world of essential oils. I know what you’re thinking- I am sooo sick of hearing about all these MLM companies and people constantly trying to sell me something!

Yeah, me too. For the record, let me tell you that I am NOT a fan of constant selling and hunting people for a sale. I have actually unfollowed people on social media because all they wanted to do was get me to sign up for this or that, or invite me to grab a drink with them- but only because they wanted to talk about whatever new product they just knew I “needed.”

This is not what this is. This is me sharing something amazing that has come into my life. This is me ABSOLUTELY 100% not trying to sell you anything or get you to sign up for anything. This is me telling you my story and why I’ve made changes in my lifestyle.

Many years ago, I started experiencing some strange health issues- out of respect for my readers, I won’t share any personal details, but if you’re nosey just ask me about it 🙂

After spending some time thinking about changes I had made in my beauty and skincare routine, and doing some digging on certain ingredients, I came to the conclusion that my newfound health problems were probably the result of the toxic chemicals I was using in my products.

Not even two weeks after I stopped using those products, my health issue was completely gone and I was back to normal!

That experience was eye opening and really jump started my journey towards more natural living. I started paying more attention to what I was putting both in and on my body. I started researching more about chemicals and toxins and ingredient lists. I started exploring essential oils and learning about all the uses for them.

It wasn’t until last spring however, that I decided to give Young Living a try. I’ll be honest with you- I was extremely skeptical. I spent hours upon hours and days upon days reading about the company. Reading about their oils. And not only Young Living, but other companies as well. I decided that I liked what I heard, and I wanted to give them a try.

I ordered my Premium Starter Kit and dove right in. I started diffusing, applying, and researching. And I was hooked on the first day.

Like I said, I was super skeptical. This wasn’t my first go with essential oils. In fact, I had been using oils from a cheaper company for close to a year. Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn’t. They always smelled good, but most of the time I didn’t really FEEL any different after using them. I was left on my own without much in the way of resources and knowledge. The only thing I knew how to do with oils was diffuse them (there are a TON of ways to use them actually!)

Because of Young Living’s “seed to seal” guarantee, and the quality of oils they produce, not only did I feel like I was getting a great value for my hard earned money, but I was actually FEELING the benefits of the oils! I was given education on the history of each oil, how to use it, and what its purpose was. I learned about all 11 oils in my kit and how I could use them daily. I learned (and am still learning!) how I can replace all the toxic and chemical laden products in my home for better options.

I could see a huge difference between the cheaper oils I used to use, and the ones I was using now. The potency is stronger, which means I only need to use 2-3 drops instead of the 5-6 of the other oils. The community is a different mindset- the resources and education I receive is overwhelming! There is so much to help me live a healthier lifestyle and be able to get as many uses out of these oils as I possibly can! The price is actually not very much more. After I compared some of the oils from the previous companies I was buying from, I realized that some of them were super close in price. I’m talking merely a dollar or two in difference. And some were actually CHEAPER than what I had been using!

The pressure to sell is (surprisingly) not there! When you sign up with Young Living, it doesn’t mean you have to sell anything. There is zero obligation to recruit, sell, distribute, or build a business. You can if you want, but if you’d rather sign up to get the wholesale price for yourself, hoard your oils, and not tell a single soul about them, you’re perfectly fine to do that!

That was probably the thing that pushed me the most to try them. I didn’t want to sign up for a membership from a company that would force me to act like all those people I had unfollowed on social media. I love that all I’m doing is simply sharing my journey with people. Sharing what I’m experiencing and what has helped me in some pretty unbelievable ways to live a better lifestyle. I’m excited to try new things and continue to improve the quality of my life while living with an autoimmune disease.

I promised at the beginning of this post that I wasn’t going to try to sell you anything. And I’m staying true to that promise. But if you’re ever curious about what essential oils can do for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

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