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Everyone has their own system when it comes to staying organized in their photography business. If you’re able to keep up with your client communication, admin tasks, and daily to-do’s, then feel free to stop reading! But if you don’t feel like your business is operating smoothly, read on to see what I use!


Client Communication

I have a business email address, but I run it through Google. That way I don’t have to sign into another email host just to check and communicate. I can read and write emails from my personal email interface.

I also have a separate business number through Google Voice. It doesn’t cost a thing and is a great way to maintain a bit of privacy! Phone calls and texts filter right to my cell phone, so I don’t have to have a separate phone or landline.


Admin Tasks

I touched on this already, but I recently switched my client management software to Honeybook. It keeps me on track with workflow tasks and what needs to be done both with clients and behind the scenes of each wedding or session I book.

When it comes to tracking business expenses and mileage, I’m probably a bit behind on the times. I use an old fashioned spreadsheet in Google docs. I know my system of keeping track doesn’t make much sense to others, because my husband has a hard time understanding it! When I print or receive a receipt for an expense or get paid, it gets recorded in a small planner along with the amount, and an explanation for what it was. About once a week or every two weeks, I put those numbers in my spreadsheet. When it’s calculated into the spreadsheet, I cross it out with a highlighter in the planner so I know it’s been documented. Then the receipt gets filed away into the appropriate category of folder until tax time. I’m sure I’m making it more complicated than I need to, but in my head it all makes sense!


Daily To-Do’s

Of course, along with all of your daily business tasks, you also have daily personal tasks. You know, things like grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, etc. For all of my non-work related things, I use Todoist. It’s a desktop and mobile app that I have absolutely fallen in love with! You can rate how important each task is, assign it a category, and repeat the task. So easy! And the checking that little box is super gratifying!


Curious about what else I’m using in my business? Check out my gear list and my accessories!

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