Taking Care of Guests at Your Destination Wedding!- Wedding Planning Tips

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Last week, we talked about giving your traveling guests some extra love! Those points apply even more so when you’re having a destination wedding! Take a look at those ideas again, and get some more tips:

  • Create a wedding website. You can do this for free on theknot.com. You can give your guests a rundown of the wedding weekend along with maps of where everything will take place. If you want to put a little more effort into it, you can have a page or two with restaurants in the area, where to stay, and local events happening that weekend (besides your wedding of course!)
  • Have a pre-party with the rehearsal dinner. It’s probably safe to assume everyone will be in town the day before your wedding. Get the party started by inviting everyone to the rehearsal dinner! You can set the tone for your wedding off right!
  • Give them a special welcome gift. Embrace the local culture and hidden gems of your wedding location by giving your guests welcome gifts. If there’s a special reason why you wanted to have your wedding in that place, let your guests know!
  • Consider spending more time with everyone. You could do this with brunch the next day. Or go spend a couple nights as newlyweds and come back to finish out your vacation with your friends and family. This is what my husband and I did!
  • Set up an easy registry. Because everyone will be traveling, consider an online registry where guests can ship your gifts directly to you. You can also encourage cards or gift cards since they travel well.
  • Be extra mindful of the food. No one wants to be sick on vacation! Remember that your guests will be vacationing on the days surrounding your wedding. Take care to pay attention to any allergies or sensitivities they may have. Use trusted caterers or food suppliers.


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