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You already know that spoiling your clients is a huge part of giving them an amazing experience, but how can you do that?

Here a few ways to show them they’re more than just a “transaction” in your business:


Send a handwritten thank you note

You could do this after they book with you, a few days before the wedding or session, or a few days after. You could even go as far as to send periodic notes after your working relationship ends- think birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or just because!


Send a booking gift

This doesn’t have to be extravagant. Make it personal and useful. Something they’ll enjoy or could get practical use out of. And be sure it flows with your branding and purpose!


Always be available

I’m a firm believer of setting working hours and client expectations, but there are exceptions to every rule. If a bride emails me or calls me with an issue, it gets handled right then and there or as soon as I can possibly handle it. If you can be accessible, available, and helpful, you’ll give them an amazing experience, build trust, and earn a loyal client.


Be social

You know how there are some companies that only reach out to you when they want your money? Don’t be that person!! Reach out to your clients just to say hello. Ask them if they need anything. Offer advice or tips they could benefit from. Interact with them on social media. But remember, the number one rule when it comes to socializing and engaging with clients: be genuine! Don’t comment or like something if you don’t mean it!


Under promise and over deliver

This is a common practice in business, but it deserves repeating. This should be something you implement with EVERY client in every way you can. If you tell them their photos will be ready in six weeks, deliver in four. If you say an album’s shipping date is five business days, get it to them in three.


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