Why You Need a Client Experience!- Photography Business Education

I almost feel like this blog post is a waste of my time. OF COURSE you already know you need a good client experience! Mostly because you know how it feels to receive a bad one.

But just to help you see all the reasons why a good experience is essential to give, here are my top reasons:

It builds trust.

Leaving your clients wondering if you’ve dropped off the face of the earth, or what to expect out of their session is not going to make them very confident in your abilities.

It creates consistency.

If Nancy Client tells her friend Anna Client about the awesome experience she had with you, don’t you think Anna is going to expect the same thing? What if she got a significantly lesser experience than Nancy? She’d never recommend you to her friends. What if Anna got a significantly BETTER experience than Nancy? Nancy might be one unhappy client, and her referrals would go no further.

It makes you look professional.

Being and acting professional is somewhat of a subjective term. The brand one photographer builds might seem “unprofessional” to another. But having a great experience to give each client no doubtedly leaves a great impression and a professional reputation.

It helps you feel good.

It’s no secret that serving your clients and being generous to them gives you the warm fuzzies. Knowing that your clients are receiving the best experience possible from you will make you feel accomplished in your business and give you that feel good feeling!


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