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Long story short, we’ve been looking for a house and it will be the death of me. As of last week, we’ve looked at 450 online. I don’t feel like we’re asking for too much. A first floor master, a well kept neighborhood, and space between the neighbors. Of course there’s little things that would be nice to have and we’re not made of money, so we have a strict budget to stick to. But really, I don’t feel like we’re being unreasonable.

I get an email notification for each house that pops up within our budget and the areas we want. Most of the time I look at the small thumbnail and judge the house by it’s cover. If it’s something that looks like maybe it’ll fit us, I go to the details page and look further.

Well a couple months ago, a house popped up and it just looked kind of meh. It just looked like all the other cookie cutter big homes I see everywhere around Columbus. So I deleted the email and went about my life. After a few weeks, I figured I should probably check out some details for the houses that are sitting in my queue waiting to be looked at. I come across this meh house again and realize it’s perfect. Like perfect with a capital P. But by this time, they’ve already closed offers on the house. I waited too long to look at it.


I don’t know why. Probably because I take on too much and then I miss out. I’ve always been late to catch on to trends. I don’t like being the same way or doing the same things that everyone else does. And then I realize that in my defiance of being like everyone else, I’m going to miss out on something really cool. Like cool houses that look boring from the outside, but inside, it’s everything I want and need.

And then I go into panic mode. I don’t want to miss out!!!! Had I known how great this house was going to be, I wouldn’t have been so judgemental about what I saw. But now it’s too late. So I guess I’ll start looking at every house that comes through in my email and think about the one that got away.

Don’t be like me.

It’s ok to like pumpkin spice lattes and fresh cut flowers and wish your best friend was Taylor Swift- if that’s who you truly are. But if that’s not who you are, don’t be afraid to be different. Don’t force yourself to stand out or force yourself to blend in. You do you in whatever form that is.

I like black coffee and fake greenery that looks real and wish Jimmy Fallon was my best friend. I don’t care much for the color pink, I love any shade of blue. I want a small house that’s built just for us and has hardly any decor other than photos on the walls and (fake) green plants on every surface, not a large open floor plan with a modern farmhouse style that looks like Joanna Gaines transformed it.

I think sometimes I feel the need to resist going along with the crowd, because I feel like everyone just flows with it. I’ve been taught in every business education class and article and webinar, to find what makes you stand out and market the crap out of it. People will love you and want you because of it. Because in a sea of hundreds of wedding photographers, you are you, and that’s your superpower. So when everyone was buying two story homes with fenced in yards and kitchens with white upper and lower cabinets and a large island in the middle with granite countertops, my natural reaction was to reject it and be the one person in the entire world who didn’t care about white kitchens and granite counter tops.

But you know what? I did care. And sometimes I like pumpkin spice lattes. And I might not know any breed of flowers other than a rose and hydrangea, but I like when I have some pretty something in a mason jar on my kitchen table. And I bet Taylor Swift is a pretty cool person to hang out with. And that’s ok. I’m still me. And I still own that super power.

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