My Best 6 Decisions: Part 1- Personal

I shared already about my top 6 regrets, and now I want to talk about my top 6 wins!


Going back to blonde

When I was a kid, I had super blonde hair. And it was almost a platinum color in the summertime. The first time I ever colored my hair was when I was 17, and it was just very subtle blonde highlights on top of my mousey brownish color. I stuck with that scheme for the next 8 years until I just on whim decided I was going to chocolate brown. Honestly, I rocked that color and loved it! But just last year, I felt like it was time to go back to blonde. As soon as I saw myself in the mirror, I just felt home. It was comforting and golden and I felt more like me than I had in a long time. I think this will be a color I stick with for a long long time!


Switching to Apple

I resisted this one for a long time. I used Dell computers, Android phones, and whatever off brand of tablet had good reviews. One day I came to a realization that I was using non Apple products, wishing they were Apple. I bought a white watch band because I thought it would make my Samsung smart watch look more like the Apple watch. I bought phone cases that also came in an iPhone version so people wouldn’t be able to obviously tell it wasn’t one. I tried to find a case for my tablet that looked like the ones you can get at the Apple store. So it kind of dawned on me: why don’t I just bite the bullet and make the switch?! In the summer of 2017, my phone was in serious need of an upgrade. It was the perfect time to get an iPhone. Within two minutes, I was in love. About two weeks later, there was an amazing sale on iPads. Then about a month after that, Target had a crazy sale on the Apple Watch. A couple months after that, my computer wouldn’t turn on, so I went ahead and completed my Apple journey and got a Macbook. And I’ll never look back.


Having a destination wedding

In all honesty, planning a destination wedding was never something that had crossed my mind. It sort of just happened. Jon and I both knew we wanted a smallish wedding. Between all of the people we knew, it would be way over our budget to have everyone there. So making it a destination wedding was our way of narrowing the guest list. It made it harder for people to be able to attend, and the house we rented on the beach would only allow 50 guests, so we just simply couldn’t invite everyone we wanted. To make up for that, we had two engagement parties (with about 350 people total!!) I didn’t realize how wonderful and relaxing and special it would be to have an intimate wedding on the beach with only our closest friends and family to celebrate with. It was better than I could have ever imagined! Instead of just one day of crazy busy wedding stuff, we were able to spread out the prep over two days, spend an entire day getting married, and then spending two more days on vacation with the ones who meant the most to us. If I had to do it all over again, I’d seriously do it the same way!

Stay tuned next week for three more of my best decisions!

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