My Best 6 Decisions: Part 2- Personal

I talked last week about my decisions. You can read my other three best wins here. It was actually pretty easy to come up with that list, but to come up with three more was hard. I don’t consider myself to be a lucky person or to have an easy or privileged life. I tend to focus on the negative in my life, and forcing myself to write just these six things was kind of therapeutic! So here we go!

Specializing in Weddings

This was a very scary decision. A few years ago (or like two or four, I’ve lost track of time), I realized that shooting weddings was what I really felt passionate about. I can do families and seniors and babies, sure. But I didn’t get excited about it like I did about weddings. It’s just my jam. So I made a bold move and decided to take everything off my website except wedding photos. There is only a small little paragraph that talks about other portrait sessions, but the majority of what you’ll find is related to the wedding day. It’s been an amazing transition and has allowed me to do what I really want to do!

Becoming a Nice Person

I won’t sugar coat it. I haven’t been a nice person my whole life. I used to be envious, jealous, judgemental, selfish. We all can let these ugly traits get the best of us sometimes, but I lived most of my life with these thoughts. Outwardly, I was always pleasant and polite. But inside, I didn’t feel pleasant or polite. I spent a couple years (I’m not even exaggerating) praying that God help me be a better person. I did lots of research on spiritual qualities and how to be less critical of others. I tried time and time again to put myself in other’s shoes and think about how I would want to be treated or thought of. And you know what? It worked. I truly feel like a better, nicer person. Inside and out.

Implementing a Minimalist Lifestyle

Confession time. I’ve dealt with OCD tendencies my entire life. When I was little, I’d organize my room just for fun. I loved getting rid of stuff. And I really haven’t changed much since then. So when the whole “minimalism” trend came around a few years ago, I was all for it. The idea is that you don’t have anything you don’t love. Only what you need, will use, and will love for the rest of your life. Our house is fairly minimal. I have photos on the walls, but that’s about all the decor I have. A few little knick knacks here and there, like a small mermaid sculpture and a few cool vases. I don’t have a ton of pillows on the beds or couches, only ones we actually use. And my whole wardrobe has went through the minimalistic rules. I invest in quality pieces and ones that will be staples for a long time to come. It’s been a relief to only have what we need and not be overly concerned with having more and better things.

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