Destination Weddings: The Extras- Wedding Planning Tips

Did you know that my husband and I had a destination wedding? We got married on the beautiful beaches of the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

So when I talk about planning a destination wedding, I know a thing or two about what the challenges and benefits are! And trust me, there are plenty of both!

First of all, there are extra things you need to plan or be concerned about:

You need more time.

Don’t plan your travel arrangements so that you get there only one day before your wedding. You will need at least two days minimum. Case in point: with my wedding, we planned on having guests eat dinner at tables set up in a sandy area beyond the pool. When we got to the beach house, we saw that the whole area was overgrown with beach grasses! The photos did not at all show that! So the whole plan for the reception had to be rearranged and I had to make sure that the table sizes I rented would fit where we needed them to go. That also changed where we planned to serve the food, have a dance floor, etc. So give yourself plenty of time before the wedding day!

Will you need to rent anything?

One of the things I had to make sure of was that the colors of the linens I was renting was the correct shade of Latte. Because that’s a very specific shade. Check the place you’re thinking of renting from and see if they can send you samples of their linens.

Seriously consider hiring a wedding planner.

Seriously. For us, we only had 50 guests at our wedding. It was small, it was laid back, we had a variety of appetizers, bought our own bottles of wine to serve, and opted to not make it a giant party since over half of our guests were older family members. But if you’re planning to have any more traditional or typical wedding activities, consider hiring a planner to help you with it all. It’s challenging enough to plan a local wedding, much less planning one so far from you!

Plan on spending more time with everyone.

When you plan a destination wedding, you’re basically planning a vacation with all your people. So take some time to talk about your plans for outside of the wedding day. For us, we knew that it would most likely be the only time in our lives that both of our families, extended families, and best friends would be in one place. So after spending a couple nights alone in a hotel, we went back to the beach house and finished out the last couple nights with our family and friends. Now honestly, this option isn’t for everyone- but it’s a conversation worth having.

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