How to Find the Right Vendors!- Wedding Planning Tips

When it comes to planning your destination wedding, how should you go about finding your vendors?

Well if you have a wedding planner, they’ll be able to help find some amazing people to make your day come to life. But if you don’t, here’s what I recommend:

Don’t let the number of followers be a factor.

If you find a photographer or florist or caterer who has thousands upon thousands of followers on Facebook or Instagram, don’t assume they’re a good fit. There are some business owners who actually purchase followers. That number you see doesn’t always reflect real- it could reflect fake accounts or bots. Now, that doesn’t mean that every social media profile you see with thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers isn’t legit. Most of the time you’re gut feeling is right!

DO pay attention to their website and blog.

Let me tell you a little secret. Social media posts are not usually a good feel for someone’s work. Each post is curated to show you the best of the best and to fit the style of their feed. And most often, it’s only one or two images from an entire day’s worth of a wedding. Most of the time, a website gallery or blog post will show you more of what to expect from the vendor. Here again, use common sense. Check for consistency when you’re looking at their social media profiles. Is there a clear style in what they produce? Or is their work or their products all over the place to the point that you’re not entirely sure what you’d be receiving from them?

Read reviews and testimonials.

Definitely look on their website and social media for reviews and testimonials. Also check Google, The Knot or Wedding Wire (if they’re advertising there), and simple Google searches.

Reach out to the vendors you already booked.

Simply asking your vendors for recommendations is a great way to find people! Most likely you’ll have your venue first. Ask them for recommendations on planners or caterers or florists, etc. A word of caution: a lot of venues actually require vendors to pay for recommendations. So once again, use common sense and do your homework! My suggestion would be to ask for one or two businesses, and then in turn, ask those people who they love working with.

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