What I’ve Learned in Nine Years- Personal

Well we’ve made it. We’ve been married for nine whole years now. I’d love to sit here and tell you it’s been amazing and a breeze and the best nine years of my life. But none of that would be true. Not that I haven’t been loving doing life with my husband. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

This past year has honestly been the best year of our marriage. It’s funny, I had heard from other married couples that the first seven to eight years are the hardest. And I’d just kind of chuckle and think to myself “Not us! We won’t have any hard years!”

Every couple goes through hard times. You get hit with life and it tests your strength. You realize that all the hard things you went through alone are a million times harder to go through with another person to worry about.

But I feel like we finally got our groove in our eighth year. The funny thing is, we haven’t gotten better at communicating and our problems haven’t gone away. But we’ve figured out HOW we each communicate. How we each fight, how we each react to stress, excitement, change, and disappointments. I feel like I’ve become solid in who I am and the type of person I strive to be, and I’ve learned more about who my husband is too.

And the best part? I’ve learned that we fit together like a glove.

We’ve truly learned to be each other’s compliment and partner. It didn’t always feel that way in the past. Sometimes it felt more like we clashed and were NEVER on the same page. But year eight felt like our magic number.

I just can’t wait to see what year nine brings. I can’t imagine how much better it could get, but I know it will!

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