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I’m all about creating routines. Knowing what I’m doing everyday and when actually makes my life a lot easier since I’m so busy these days. If you’re spending too much time wondering what you need to get done or are feeling like there’s not enough time in the day for your to-do list, take a look at how I organize my week!


I start my morning with email and spiritual study. Take care of Speedy, make my coffee, take a shower, and get ready for ministry work. After spending the morning doing that, I pick up my groceries in the afternoon using Kroger’s Clicklist. I swear, once you try it, you’re never going to want to grocery shop any other way! After putting away the groceries, I’ll get comfy clothes on and work on whatever tasks need done. Things like editing, client communications, social media engagement, etc. I try very hard to be done with whatever I need to do by dinner time so that I can spend the evening relaxing and spending time with my family.


Tuesday’s I’ve set aside for a full day of ministry work. If I need to email or talk with clients, I try to do that right before dinner.


This is my housework day! I do all the laundry, clean the house, tidy up, and go through the finances. I’ll also cut and package Speedy’s veggies (we feed him a raw diet of meat, vegetables, and fruit), and run errands if I need to. In between all that, I’ll also work on editing, blogging, scheduling social media posts, etc.


This is the only day I devote entirely to working! I try to stay at home all day or sometimes I’ll go work remotely at Starbucks or Fox in the Snow. I’ll also take advantage of staying at home and catch up on any laundry or cleaning I didn’t get done the day before.


Fridays are always an up in the air day. Sometimes I have weddings. Sometimes I do ministry work. Sometimes I spend the day with a friend.


The weekends are always reserved for weddings and sessions. And if I don’t have any of those, I make sure to spend time with friends or family or taking a day off!

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