Taking Care of Yourself- Photography Business Education

Are you feeling it this fall season? This is the busiest time for us photographers! What if this is your first fall as a business owner, or you’re a seasoned tog just trying to make it to January?! Here’s a little pep talk for you! You’ve got this! But remember to take a bit of time for yourself too!

Take a few of these suggestions to heart:

  • Take a bath. I’m not even kidding. Go get yourself a candle and a bath bomb. You’d be surprised what sitting in a tub of pink water staring at the ceiling can do for your stress level!
  • Learn to say “No.” Give yourself permission to say “No” every now and then. If there’s something that you really are dreading the thought of or can’t possibly see how you can fit into your schedule, go without.
  • Delegate. If you have the financial means, there are actually a lot of things you can delegate others to do for you in busy season. Things like basic edits of your images, house cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, blogging, social media management. And most of those things can be surprisingly affordable! Even if it’s just a little bit of help, like getting Hello Fresh delivered to your door a couple times a week or purchasing a few stock images to post on your social media accounts each week.
  • Go outside. Remember outside? Shut the computer down and go take your dog on a walk (remember your dog?) Go out to dinner with your husband (remember him?) Take your kids to a movie on a Sunday (and don’t forget the popcorn!) Let the fresh air recharge you!

Working hard, or hardly working? Ready to take your photography business to the next level? Email hello@alaynaparker.com for mentoring information!

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