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Aren’t you guys so excited that fall is here?! Here are some of the new things I’ve been loving lately!

Kitten liner from Tarte Cosmetics

As much as I love liquid liner, sometimes I just want a little softer a look. I just started using this liner recently and it’s so great! I personally like a bold, defined line, but it’s nice that I can smudge this one up a bit!

Target’s fall clothes

Oh Target. Somehow you just keep getting better. I really love their new lines. The Universal Thread line is so classic and comfy. If you haven’t had a chance to get their basic tees yet, you need to grab some! A New Day is probably my favorite line Target has had yet! Their styles are just trendy enough for someone like me who is super minimal and plain. I’ve loved everything from their dressier styles to casual to bags to jewelry to shoes to socks even! I hope this brand doesn’t go anywhere for a long time!

Immupower essential oil

I love everything from Young Living, but this oil has really wowed me! It’s a blend used for immune boosting, and with the cooler weather and germy people starting to come around, I’ve been diffusing this one at night a lot. It smells very earthy and herby, and I’ve been pairing it with Lemon, which smells incredible! Let me know if you want to try a sample of this!

Paddywax candles

I just can’t get enough of this company. They are less toxic than those fall candles you’ll find at a certain store in the mall, but they smell just as good! Fall is the time when I want a candle in just about every room of my house! And they just released a limited edition line of wood wick candles!

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