What’s Your Honeymoon Style?- Wedding Planning Tips

Let’s be honest. Planning the honeymoon is about as stressful as planning the wedding, amiright?

This isn’t any ordinary vacation! This is your HONEYMOON!!! You know you’re going to need the time away to chill out and maximize that Cloud Nine feeling!

So not just any old vacation spot will do. You’ve got to pick a place both of you will love and be able to enjoy every second of.

So what’s your style?

  • The “do nothing” vacation. Pick a secluded beach. Something that isn’t a tourist destination. Think the Outer Banks, a small beach town in Florida or California. A quiet resort like Sandals. Or pick a cabin in the woods or mountainside.
  • The “do a couple things” vacation. Choose something a little more touristy, but still fairly laid back. Like San Francisco, a lake house, or Charleston.
  • The “do a few things” vacation. Maybe you guys get bored if there isn’t something to go out and do. Pick a spot that has a good variety of things to offer, but won’t make you feel like you have to be busy the whole time. Places like Cancun, Myrtle Beach, Chicago, Nashville, or Seattle.
  • The “do all the things” vacation. Want to only see the inside of your hotel room when you’re sleeping? Go for a hot spot location! Think Las Vegas, LA, New York City, a caribbean cruise, or Disney.
  • The “make other people want to do all the things” vacation. Every once in awhile, we all want to go somewhere that others could only dream of going. The perfect excuse to do that is your honeymoon! Go big with destinations like Italy, Paris, Hawaii, or Ireland!

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