What to do After You Get Engaged!- Wedding Planning Tips

You’ve most likely crossed a lot off this list, but here are some things to buckle down and start planning right away!

Call everyone!

You know that little thing you scroll through Instagram and text with? It can also make calls!! This is one of those life events that you want to talk about in person to the ones who matter most. Call your parents, siblings, grandparents, and best friends. Don’t post a ring selfie without first telling those people!

Size matters.

Get your ring properly sized.


And get it insured while you’re at it.

Sort of set a date.

Decide what season and/ or month you want to get married. Try to keep an open mind on the date itself, because you don’t know what will already be booked. Most often, the date is determined based on the availability of a venue. Or, if you don’t have your heart set on where you will get married, you’ll have more flexibility on when you get married. Also be open to Friday and Sunday weddings (or even weekdays!) as this could land you the venue you want!

Figure out your priorities.

Typically, the wedding planning process goes like this: 1: Book the venue. 2: Announce the date. 3: Book the photographer. 4: Choose your dress. Of course, the process is different for everyone. What you’ll need to do is establish your priorities. If a certain dress designer is important to you, get that planned as soon as you can. If you have your heart set on a certain florist, get that taken care of right away. If you can’t imagine your wedding day without a gorgeous cake from the local bakery, book them immediately.

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