Creating Excitement Around Your Launch- Photography Business Education

When you’re ready to launch your business, website, new product, etc., how do you create excitement?

One way is to recruit!

You can reach out to others in your industry to help you spread the word. Choose people who can get your new idea in front of others you don’t have access to.

You can ask them to post about it on Instagram or in their Instagram Stories. You can ask them to be a part of a giveaway loop (bonus: they get their product in front of your audience too!) You can ask them to display a flyer or business card at their store. Don’t be afraid to think of other, creative ways you can ask for exposure!

Just remember something. You don’t want to become known as someone who isn’t willing to help others. In exchange for them sharing about your new launch, offer to share something for them another time. Don’t disappear off the face of the earth after they talk about you, stick around and keep communication open! If you become a cheerleader for their business, they’ll become a cheerleader for yours!

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