Destination Wedding Tips- Personal

Did you know that my husband and I had a destination wedding?! We got married on the beach in North Carolina! Planning a destination wedding is full of it’s own challenges. Here’s what I learned from doing it!

Don’t take things personal

The house we rented could host a wedding, but it was only allowed 50 guests. We already wanted to have a small, intimate wedding, so the guest count was just about perfect. However, there were some people I really really wanted to be there that just couldn’t swing it. So just be prepared when you hear someone say No that you were hoping would be there. That just comes with planning a destination wedding.

Be prepared for surprises

Since you can’t be there throughout the planning process, you may run into some surprises along the way. For us, all we had to go by were the photos online of what the house looked like. When we got there two days before the wedding day, there was an entire area that looked NOTHING like the photos. Fortunately we were able to maneuver things and everything worked out! Of course, if you have a wedding planner or an established venue, chances are you won’t be caught off guard too much.

Keep it simple

One of the things I appreciated most about having a destination wedding, was the simplicity. Our venue was gorgeous, because it was a house right on the beach, so we didn’t need to have a lot of decor or details. We had a small wedding party- two on each side, and served small plates instead of a meal. We really kept the night feeling like it was a vacation. Because it was!

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