When You Feel Stuck in the Middle- Wedding Planning Tips

I think a lot of brides can relate to each other throughout the wedding planning process. Especially towards the end of the planning. You can start to feel anxious like you’re forgetting something major, or you can start to feel anxious that you’re not doing enough! The best advice I can give you is to stay busy!

Do you have a wedding planning timeline or planner that will help assure you that everything is right on track? That could help alleviate any feelings of forgetting to plan or account for little details.

What about finding a hobby that you can lose yourself in? The first time I started (seriously) playing around with photography and photo editing was during my engagement. It was something I could have fun doing and get outside my own mind for a bit. You could try cooking or baking- maybe even working your way through a cookbook like Julie did in the movie Julie and Julia! You could learn embroidery or knitting. Floral styling. Painting or drawing. Woodworking or metal design. You never know where those things might take you and what you might fall in love with!

It’s easy to get caught up in wedding planning and letting that consume our lives. It definitely happened to me! Don’t be afraid to put wedding thoughts aside and get involved in something just for you!

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