My Weakness- Personal

Just so you know, this is going to sound ridiculous. One of my strongest weaknesses is cardigans.

Yes. Cardigans.

I’m all about the minimalist lifestyle, and that extends to my wardrobe. Except for cardigans. I just can’t have enough of them! And I have a VERY specific style that I like: a longer waisted, chunky (but not too chunky) knit, preferably with pockets.

I’m not exactly sure when this obsession started, but I distinctly remember being elementary school age and picking out cardigans to go with my outfit for the day. So clearly this whole thing started pretty young.

I remember being a kid and my grandmother would always have a sweater with her everywhere she went. It was a longer, open style cardigan (or maybe it did have buttons and she just always wore it open.) It was cream colored and was the chunkiest and softest thing I had ever felt in my life. It had two big pockets on the side and I remember how practically her whole arm would disappear into them. My grandmother is a petite woman, and so she always had to roll the cuffs of the sleeves, which as an adult, I now realize is no easy task with a sweater as chunky as hers was.

Someday I’m sure my closet will contain more cardigans than anything else! At least that’s the dream!

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