The Psychology of Color- Photography Business Education

Did you know that color is a very important decision when branding your business? Of course, you know you have to have a signature color or two. After all, what would life be without the little green straw, the red bullseye, or the black and white striped bag?

Choosing colors for your business is a personal choice of course. You don’t want to pick something you will hate or outgrow in a year or two. But on the flip side, you don’t want colors that will be a turn off to your ideal client or will make someone assume the wrong things about you. Color makes us feel certain ways. So choose wisely!

Here’s a brief description of some colors:

  • Red- Energetic, passionate, motivating. Can also show aggressiveness or give a warning.
  • Orange- Adventure, optimism, enthusiasm.
  • Yellow- Uplifting, playful.
  • Green- Balance, associated with nature and health.
  • Blue- Confidence, trust, calming
  • Purple- Wealth, beauty, often denotes a high quality product

If you’re working on colors for your business, I encourage you to do some research on the psychology of these colors and other shades related to them!

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