What is Your Logo Style?- Photography Business Education

What kind of logo style do you have? Simple, whimsical, masculine?

To figure that out, you need to think about your brand as a whole. Think about what feelings you want your client to have when they see your logo on your website, or see it on your business card. They should be able to get a sense of what you do and how you do it just by seeing your logo.


This could be just your business name, with or without a small icon. This is great if you’re a minimalist, less is more type of business. This would be ideal for the photographer who focuses on people or simple backgrounds or no props, and focuses on simplicity.

Whimsical / Romantic / Feminine

This could be something with watercolor graphics or florals. This is great if your ideal client is romantic and feminine. This would be ideal for the photographer who focuses on elegant and luxurious weddings, shoots film, or wants to appeal to the romantic personalities.

Masculine / Neutral

This could be something with heavy text or sharp lines. It could simple or more elaborate. This is great if you focus on a modern, neutral, or masculine type of photography. It could be for you if you’re a concert photographer, have a dark and moody style, or play into natural elements. It’s great if you want to appeal to both men and women and want to evoke more of a rustic, natural, raw feeling.

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